This war was between Maori and British. The leaders of the Maori were Tohu and Te Whiti. They never wanted violence. They had three feathers to show peace.

What happened was the British built roads on the Maori land and the Maori did not like them building on they land, so every night the Maori would go outside and take down all the things that the British did. in the morning the British would come back and see what happen and they would just build the roads again this went on for quite awhile.

One day the British decided to fight they came with heaps of soldiers marching up to the Maori but when there got  they the Maori were singing dancing and there had presents to try bring peace between them. Then the soldiers took Tohu and Te Whiti on a tour showing them all the guns and at the end there asked Tohu and Te whiti what they favourite part was and they said the river.


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