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...As the door slammed, I knew I wasn't alone. Sprinting up the stairs to the kids bedroom I'm terrified , the room is hopefully abandoned. I hide under the bed, then I hear footsteps the get louder the room starts shaking then big black boots stand in front me... he’s here. I,m trembling where do I go, what do I do there's do escaping now. His heavy breath is loud as he searches the room then his knees drop oh no then I see his eyes ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!
Never go in a haunted house.

Boy gets stuck underwater in a lake

Matt Harrison was found upside down in a pond on Monday
 afternoon, on 30th of October at New Cat Road a 17 year old  boy was driving his car when another car came racing around  the corner on the wrong side of the they had no time to stop  making the 17 year old roll and crashed and flying out of  the car and landing head first in mud. The police inspected  the car finding out he flew through the front window and  had no seat belt on. There received the guy out the mud  finding out he was dead.