Aboriginals injustice

At our school we have been learning about injustice. We had 6 topics Aboriginals, American Slaves, Jews ,Parihaka , Apartheid, Sweatshops and Women Voting. I choose Aboriginals.I choose them because I did know a bit about Aboriginals but I wanted to know more and what happened to them in injustice.
Doing this makes me think about how lucky I am and that this is sad that this is happening in the world. I hope one day this will stop. Here is my research, hope you enjoy.  

Who are Aboriginals and where do they live?
Aboriginals are people who are the original people who are in the country . Aboriginals are indigenous to mainly Australia but there are in South Africa to. There are about  400,000 Aboriginals  in Australia.
Aborigines migrated from Asia about 30,000 years ago. The Northern Territory has the biggest proportion of its population.Almost two thirds of Aboriginal people live in eastern Australia.

What Happened to the Aboriginals?
When white people came to Australia it was hard for them to understand Aboriginals culture. Ignorance Led to many thousands of Aboriginals dead being killed by white people. In 1838 28 Aboriginals were murdered near Myall Creek Station . Indigenous groups are calling the government to finally act of aboriginals and Torres strait islander being imprisoned. Half The People in Juvenal are Aboriginals and Torres strait islander.

Why were Aboriginals in injustice and how did it start?
Not long ago Aboriginals weren't recognised as citizen of their own country. There didn’t have the right to vote or to fight for their own land.Aboriginals people have a long and proud history that includes rich culture and spiritual tradition. However were altered or even taking away by the arrival of the European settlers.  

Whats NAIDOC week?
NAIDOC stands for ( National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee)
Naidoc week was celebrated for Aboriginals history culture and achievement.  From 1938 to 1955 the day of Aborigines was held annually on Australia's day of protest.
In 1955 aborigines day was shifted to the first Sunday of the July after it was decided to be a celebration of Aboriginal culture rather than a protest.. In 1975 it was decided that it should go for a week.

How can we helped?
We can not be said that the colour of skin can determined
Weather or not you go to jail or not. It is sad that jail is seen a passage for Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders. Its an outrage that this is normal, we can’t shrug are shoulders and say this is a way of life this is not a way of life and there will always be bad people in the world but somehow someone can stop poverty and injustice


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