In our class we are learning about geometry. first were learning about 2D shapes I am trying to draw a heptagon, nonagon and decagon. A decagon has ten sides its one of the hardest ones to draw.
Image result for shape pictures decagon with wordImage result for shape pictures no nagon with wordImage result for shape pictures no heptagon with word


  1. Hey Lani

    This is a good blogpost, but you need to make sure that it meets the 'Checklist for Success'. And is it 'are class' or 'our class'?

    Drawing these polygons becomes easier when you measure the angles carefully. Maybe you can give that a go?

  2. Those sound really hard, I can't draw any!

  3. Hi Lani,I am Lola online a blogger from Canada. I am also learning geometry in class. I am learn how to measure angle and triangles.

    have a nice day, Lola online.


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