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Parihaka This war was between Maori and British. The leaders of the Maori were Tohu and Te Whiti. They never wanted violence. They had three feathers to show peace.

What happened was the British built roads on the Maori land and the Maori did not like them building on they land, so every night the Maori would go outside and take down all the things that the British did. in the morning the British would come back and see what happen and they would just build the roads again this went on for quite awhile.
One day the British decided to fight they came with heaps of soldiers marching up to the Maori but when there got  they the Maori were singing dancing and there had presents to try bring peace between them. Then the soldiers took Tohu and Te Whiti on a tour showing them all the guns and at the end there asked Tohu and Te whiti what they favourite part was and they said the river.


...As the door slammed, I knew I wasn't alone. Sprinting up the stairs to the kids bedroom I'm terrified , the room is hopefully abandoned. I hide under the bed, then I hear footsteps the get louder the room starts shaking then big black boots stand in front me... he’s here. I,m trembling where do I go, what do I do there's do escaping now. His heavy breath is loud as he searches the room then his knees drop oh no then I see his eyes ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!
Never go in a haunted house.

Boy gets stuck underwater in a lake

Matt Harrison was found upside down in a pond on Monday
 afternoon, on 30th of October at New Cat Road a 17 year old  boy was driving his car when another car came racing around  the corner on the wrong side of the they had no time to stop  making the 17 year old roll and crashed and flying out of  the car and landing head first in mud. The police inspected  the car finding out he flew through the front window and  had no seat belt on. There received the guy out the mud  finding out he was dead.

Aboriginals injustice

At our school we have been learning about injustice. We had 6 topics Aboriginals, American Slaves, Jews ,Parihaka , Apartheid, Sweatshops and Women Voting. I choose Aboriginals.I choose them because I did know a bit about Aboriginals but I wanted to know more and what happened to them in injustice.
Doing this makes me think about how lucky I am and that this is sad that this is happening in the world. I hope one day this will stop. Here is my research, hope you enjoy.  
Who are Aboriginals and where do they live? Aboriginals are people who are the original people who are in the country . Aboriginals are indigenous to mainly Australia but there are in South Africa to. There are about  400,000 Aboriginals  in Australia. Aborigines migrated from Asia about 30,000 years ago. The Northern Territory has the biggest proportion of its population.Almost two thirds of Aboriginal people live in eastern Australia.

What Happened to the Aboriginals? When white people came to Australia it was hard for…

New house

The old fly trap door gradually opens, I step in the scent of new paint hits me making me dizzy. The walls are bare and glossy they look like there is wet paint on them.sitting in the corner a bronze round table. Brown boxes pile up around the house, new mattress lean against the wall. The arched grey couch makes me feel welcome.


Maori Culture

We went to the museum on Wednesday to learn about are iwi history it was very interesting and we learnt a lot. We also played alot of games like treasure hunts making flags it was really fun. So we planned it on coggle and here is a link to want I have planned.Coggle

Useless Loop

Useless Loop was usual enough ; It had a park, a shop, a forest and a beach and even a little old pool. My brother my friends and I did what people in the town do - on Thursday we galloped over to the shop and bought hokey pokey ice- cream  and were creeping all around hunting for lizards under rocks and then naming them names like bob, cherry and bob junior  we also had heaps of sleepover, also we went bush bashes through the forest seeing the occasional snake slithering below are feet or we just play ball tag in the park and when we try play with Nerf guns and  I would shot my brother he would tackle me. On Saturdays we always went down to the oval and play AFL and everyone brought  their dogs to play to. Doing nothing important Lani A Adamson

The Lee River

We stumbled down the long grassy path reaching the hot sand, are cousins come tumbling down after us my toes touch the cold icy water and I could barely stay in for a second. I dive I my body goes numb, my head pops up and everyone's in including Molly my border collie. We start swimming to the slippery mossy rocks , were the swing rope is.
I climb until I reach the swing rope but before I  swing of the rope I jump of the rock splash my head pops and I see my dog trying to climb up the rock but she slips into the water I quickly swim to her my numb arms reach out to help her but her claws scratch me and she swims away. I scurry up!!! There goes my brother on the swing rope, splash he hits the water I was watching him so much that I didn’t realise molly was trying to get up i move out of the way and she slowly finds a way up. One By one people our going of the swing rope and molly yelp each time trying to save them. Soon mum calls out “ time to get out”  we all scurry out …

Term 1 week 9 student blogging challenge

All over the world kids are suffering from dirty water this can make them very sick this also has make many young children die.Nearly one billion do not have access to clean water. 663 million people in the world live without clean water that nearly 1 in 10 people worldwide.


women and children spend 125 million hours each day collecting water.women and girls living without a toilet spend 266 million hours each day finding a place to go.

Ways we can help
Donate just $15 to charityUse less water in the shower and don't leave taps running But I believe that we could solve this problem if the world joined in.

                   I would like to thank theses website.

Dirty water kills 5,000 children a day | Business | The Guardian Water Charity For Safe Water & Sanitation

Zoom Out

You are invited to build on to the story by adding a comment. This means you need to zoom out of the image below with your who is holding the ice cream? What else might be in the picture if you zoomed out a bit? What might happen next?
Be sure to read others' comments first, and continue the story, by zooming out even further. We could build an amazing story. Give it a go!

So, here is the start of the story... she didn't look back she just ran
Photo Credit: thelearningcurvedotca Flickr via Compfightcc


When I was little I had a friend could Eliza she was my best friend through kindergarten.
We always played together all the time we could .

But when we started primary she started being mean and taking charge of everything.
We played at her house and she would be really mean

But when we got to year one I moved about 10 hours away from were I was
 and after that I have never seen her or sent her birthday cards.

Zoom out

You are invited to build on to the story by adding a comment. This means you need to zoom out of the image below with your who is holding the ice cream? What else might be in the picture if you zoomed out a bit? What might happen next? Be sure to read others' comments first, and continue the story, by zooming out even further. We could build an amazing story. Give it a go!
So, here is the start of the story.
                                         It all started with a pink rose.

Photo Credit: Onasill ~ Bill Badzo Flickr via Compfightcc

Five pictures that make a story


Tongue Twister

Can you do this tongue twister

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck
if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

He would chuck, he would, as much as he could
and chuck as much wood as a woodchuck would
if a woodchuck could chuck would?

Lanis Poem

Lani is a blue Suzuki swift cruising along the road.

Lani is a cold meat waiting to be cooked.

Lani is a dolphin swimming as fast as she can go.

Lani is a small yellow cottage changing into to two story.

Lani is New Balance shoes ready to roar on.


I choose this avatar because it has brown hair and eyes like mine and the hair is straight.

Swimming Race

On the weekend I went to Nayland pool for a swimming race. I have to wake up at 7.00am, get my togs on and put my uniform over top. I had three races, they were 100m breaststroke, 50m backstroke and 50m freestyle. When I arrived I had to do the warm up which was very hard.

My first race was breaststroke and I came 1st in my heat but I got disqualified because I touched my goggles.  Next was freestyle and I came 2nd or 3rd, the last was backstroke which I came 1st in my heat.  I always hit the lane rope in backstroke.


In our class we are learning about geometry. first were learning about 2D shapes I am trying to draw a heptagon, nonagon and decagon. A decagon has ten sides its one of the hardest ones to draw.